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Boombox Parade

About this Poster

Fort Collins (home of New Belgium's Tour de Fat) is known for its bicycle parades, and the best place to ride is right near the music. The Boombox Parade would be the most fun to ride in!

18.0″ x 24.0
International Paper, Accent Opaque, White
3-color screen print

Meet Allie Ogg

Fort Collins, Colorado USA

I am an illustrator and maker living in beautiful Colorado. My work aims to make people smile, and usually involves creatures and bikes. Bicycles are adventure mobiles and are the perfect mode of transport for colorful creatures. 

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Back Story

design process image
Sketched by Podcast

I always start with my sketchbook, then scan it and digitize. My favorite part is listening to a fresh podcast while tracing a sketch with the pen tool. After an hour or so the sketch comes alive. For this project I sent my files to Ink Lounge in Denver to be printed beautifully.

design process image
All About Bikes

For many years I didn't own a car and rode my bike every day no matter what the conditions were. Fresh tracks in 6" powder? It's more fun then you think! Around this time everything became about the bicycle and I started using it in all of my artwork. Bikes on pottery, on murals, as cardboard cutouts, on t-shirts, as prints...

design process image
Nothing Cooler

What is cooler than an elephant riding a bike in hi-tops with a boombox in his basket?