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Bike Fix

About this Poster

Fixie culture interests me — I love the minimalist aesthetics of the bikes but also the fearlessness of the fixie rider.

18.0″ x 24.0
Mohawk Paper, Superfine, White
3-color screen print

Meet Pip Claffey

Northwest England, United Kingdom

I am a bike-mad illustrator: I ride Road, MTB, Fixed, Folding & Vintage! Cycling helps me switch off from modern life clutter and just concentrate on the moment (and pot holes!). I have always drawn and never really wanted to do anything else. I studied Graphic Arts at Liverpool School of Art, I graduated with a First Class BA (Hons) majoring in Illustration. It was during studying for my degree that I first discovered screen printing and fell in love with the process.

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Back Story

design process image
First Time For Everything

I'm really pleased with the fixie rider character. I did a lot of practice sketches to get the geometry right. The prints are hand printed by myself and this is the first "official" limited edition set of prints I have produced. Through producing this edition I have rediscovered my love of screen printing, and feel very proud.

design process image
Dreams Come True

I'm inspired by bikes and holidays, in particular a trip we made a few years ago to San Francisco and riding over the Golden Gate Bridge — a dream of mine.

design process image
Whatever Works

Sometimes creatively I can hit a wall, so I've jumped on my bike (usually my roadie) and just let my mind wander then, out of nowhere a solution will come to me. It sounds cheesy but it's happened a few times.