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Mud, Adrenaline And More Mud

About this Poster

I'm kind of fascinated by CX. It's a great spectator sport. I don't think I could take part myself as it's so tough - but the mud, the atmosphere and the convivial atmosphere at CX races make it fantastic to watch. I was inspired by the sight of all these cyclists struggling up a muddy hill. Some were on their bikes, some were carrying their bikes, and some were sliding all over the place. And if you screen print red over turquoise you get a great mud colour.

16.5″ x 23.375
Colorplan Paper, Natural
3-color screen print

Meet Eliza Southwood

London, England

Eliza Southwood has always drawn, painted and produced artwork throughout her life. She studied architecture at Glasgow School of Art and practiced as an architect for ten years before deciding to take up a career as an artist and illustrator full-time in 2011. She specialises in silk screen printing, and one of her favourite themes is cycling. Over the years she has a produced a wide range of cycling prints, many of which are inspired by the classic bike races.

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Back Story

design process image
Brown For Cyclocross

It's screen-printed by hand. I started off with the turquoise blue layer and then overprinted red, so some areas are red, some are blue and where red covers blue you get brown. Which goes with my Cyclocross theme.

design process image
Interesting Rides

Yes I ride a bike. I have a Brompton for commuting and an Eddy Merckx 80s road bike for more interesting rides. I've been known to stare at my bike for inspiration, yes.

design process image
Up To You

The coolest thing about my poster? That's for you to decide.