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Sol Cycle

About this Poster

My poster was a riff on the idea of making cycling the center of your universe (or solar system).
Note: This is a second-edition printing of a poster created for our 2015 Minneapolis show.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Nightshift Blue
4-color screen print

Meet Ellen Schofield

Mankato, Minnesota USA

I'm a designer and educator from Minnesota. I love making bright, colorful work that makes people smile. Lately, I'm also slightly obsessed with making laser-cut paper designs.

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Back Story

design process image
After the Fizzle

The idea for Sol Cycle came to me after a previous idea fizzled out. After roughing things out in my sketchbook I start refining the idea on the computer. Once the design was complete, Erik Hamline of Steady Print Shop Co. did an incredible job printing all the fine lines and tiny details.

design process image
Everything and Anything

I started riding bikes to hang out with my dad. My favorite bike memories are riding park trails in the fall and just talking about everything and anything.

design process image
Star Clash

Look really close, there is a teeny tiny fight happening between the ships from Star Wars and Star Trek.