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Out of Hibernation

About this Poster

I'm a fair weather biker and so is this bear. This is the first ride of the season, the first pedal around the lake, the first indication that the cold air of winter has been replaced by warmer breezes of spring.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Pure White
5-color screen print

Meet Kimberly Senn

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

After nearly a decade working in advertising, I left to raise my family and in the process started making art for kids' rooms and nurseries. Now I'm an illustrator and designer focusing on creating extravagantly simple yet playful patterns, artwork and products for kids and family homes.

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Back Story

design process image
Hairy Paws On Handlebars

The idea for having the view be from the perspective of the bear didn't happen until I was nearly done with the poster design. I initially had the bear on the bike path coming at the viewer, but at the last minute decided it was funnier, or maybe more surprising, to just have hairy paws on the handlebars.

design process image
Climb Your Own Hills

The best idea I ever had while riding a bike was that I should teach my kids to ride their own bikes so I wouldn't have to pull them in the trailer anymore. Those uphills are brutal with 60 pounds of kid behind you.

design process image
Imagination And Persistence

I'm inspired by my kids' imaginations and dogged persistence, along with this city and the incredible people around me.