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Minnehaha Falls

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The Falls are the pit-stop on my ritual weekend rides. I use this time to look at things differently, reflect, or — what actually happens — forget about looking at or reflecting upon anything but what's right in front of me.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Timber Green
1-color foil stamp

Meet Leslie Olson

Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

Designer at Studio MPLS. Lifelong illustrator and lover of the Twin Cities, music, friends & family, good sneakers, guinea pigs, pizza, and mosaic-hopped IPAs. 

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Back Story

design process image
Cool In Process

I sketched the design, digitized it, printed it out at 3X scale, drew over it by hand, re-scanned the panels and re-glued them together, digitized it again, and spent a lot of time adjusting tiny tiny vector details. Not sure how cool that makes met, but it made for a special finished product. Also, it's gold foil.

design process image
Riding To Ideas

Riding is a constant part of my creative process — I have a lot of ideas all the time while I ride, and more good ideas have come out of rides than I can count.

design process image
Who Knew?

Two truths and a lie: 1) I'm a twin 2) I'm a Razor Scooter World Champion 3) I have perfect pitch