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Let's Go

About this Poster

Last year I attempted to make this poster as a letterpress print. Then at the last minute I changed designs completely because it just wasn't working. Screen printing was the way to go for this design. I like the simple sentiment of "let's go!" and I think the feeling is quite relatable.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Speckletone, Starch White
2-color screen print

Meet Molly Poganski

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I'm a letterpress printer and graphic designer with a deep love for vintage typography, antique stores, riding my bike, cocktails, and Kentucky. My work is generally based in bold, dynamic type and color with overlapping layers and textures. 

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Back Story

design process image
Playing And Experimenting

Most of my work was done at the computer, experimenting with different sizes and shapes of letters. I then added the image of the vintage bicycle, and moved into color, playing with overlapping the layers using different opacities to create additional colors and interest. 

design process image
Chatter In The Background

I love using overprinting to create additional colors. The green is a combination of the blue and yellow inks. I also love the charm of slight mis-registration and 'chatter' (subtle pattern) in the background. 

design process image
Riding Year-Round

I ride as often as possible, year-round, mostly for utility. The Twin Cities are great to bike in, and that's part of the reason I moved here two years ago.