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No Hexcuses

About this Poster

The hex key is both the pen and sword of the cyclist. With this tool they wield the power to conquer any foe, from a loose saddle to a 15% climb grade. Enemies beware!

24.0″ x 18.0
French Paper, Construction, White
2-color screen print

Meet Maya Powell

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Screenprinting and letterpress are my jam. When I'm not printing gory hex keys, my preferred subject matter includes: vintage game shows, Sheryl Crow, soccer, fast horses, slow horses, scribbles, cute girls, slab serifs, and an occasional minimalist barf pattern. 

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Back Story

design process image
Two Lovely Afternoons

Creating this poster followed a pretty standard timeline: started with sketches on paper, moved it to the computer, and built it in Adobe Creative Suite. I print all my posters by hand, which took two lovely afternoons at the Hamilton Ink Spot. 

design process image
Aimless Exploration

My rides are generally short commutes to and from school or work, but I do love to get out an take advantage of the Grand Rounds here in Minneapolis. And riding aimlessly is best way to explore a new city!

design process image
The Unsung Hero

It's edgy! It celebrates the unsung hero of cycling! And it leaves a lot of room for implied narrative!