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About this Poster

I adopted my own pup in October of 2015, a little corgi named Poki. She has blown me away with how much personality and sass one dog can posses. She has a best friend, a Boston terrier named Nibbler, and I wanted to capture their spirit in this print. And so a rickshaw full of pups came to mind, with cameos by Poki and Nibbler of course.

24.0″ x 18.0
Crane, Lettra, Pearl White
1-color letterpress print

Meet Natalie Wynings

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

A creative soul living in Minneapolis dabbling in whatever artistic venture sounds appealing at the moment.

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Back Story

design process image
Lay It Down

I always start with a few rough sketches to lay down composition and work through ideas. Then I draw a larger, almost-to-scale drawing and ink that up. Afterwards, I scan the image and bring it into Photoshop to edit and finalize the file to make a polymer plate to letterpress. At that point its ready to run through the press.

design process image
Everybody Loves Poki

My favorite part of the poster is this young gal hauling around all those pups! And the cameo of my Poki of course.

design process image
Time And Care

I care more about my bicycle that I care about my car. I am unsure as to why that is but I believe that all of the time and care put in to optimizing one's bike is a good reason why.