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El Día de Los Muertos

About this Poster

The amazing Hispanic culture that I have immersed myself in since moving to Austin was a major influence in designing this poster.

17.25″ x 23.25
French Paper, Dur-O-Tone, Butcher White
4-color screen print

Meet Oen Michael Hammonds

Austin, Texas USA

I enjoy taking complex ideas and making them into delightful, digestible bites.

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Back Story

design process image
Calendrical Crank

The crank design is based on the Aztec calendar stone. I relied on using parts of a bike and cultural Hispanic symbols to make the repetitive pattern working from the inside out.

design process image
Complex and Crazy

Five colors is complex and crazy because each color has to be planned out and can’t overlap. The paper is an old style butcher/wax paper to add a rustic feel to the modern style of the flat patterns.

design process image
Escape Plan

I ride when I can. It’s more of my escape than a part of my creative process.