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Learning To Fly

About this Poster

Learning to Fly is a story about childhood and never-ending dreams while on a bike. Girls can become fighter pilots just as much as boys can play with doll houses and become architects.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Sweet Tooth
3-color screen print

Meet Tim Tourtillotte

Columbia Heights, Minnesota USA

I'm a working designer and artist and lifetime resident of Minneapolis. My studio is named Turtle Haven. It's here where I can remove myself from the world and create visual work. When I'm not creating, I ride my road bike and take long hikes with my wife of 20 years. 

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Back Story

design process image
Lost In The Details

I enjoy getting lost in the details, I want the viewer to do the same. My poster should be revisited just as you might get lost in a busy city or gaze into a cluster of clouds.

design process image
Awe And Inspiration

For me it's about lines and negative spaces. The themes in my art pertain to dreams, learning and growth. The world is such an inspiring place I'd have to say that everything around me delivers awe and inspiration into my work. 

design process image
Chase That Dream

The best idea I ever had on a bike was deciding to leave a constant income to chase a dream as a designer and artist.