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Paul And His Babe

About this Poster

I didn't grow up in Minnesota, but since moving here, I have grown to love the Paul Bunyan myth. It's a fascinating tall-tale that really explains and encompasses the Minnesota life.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Kraft-Tone, Paper Bag Kraft
4-color screen print

Meet Alxndr Jones

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I'm an illustrator and designer that likes to make cool things with rad people.

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Back Story

design process image
Analog For A Change

I mainly work in the digital illustration world, so it was a fun challenge to figure out how to get those specific textures to print with ink. 



design process image
Always A Good Idea

The best idea I ever had on a bike was, "I should quit this job and do what I love."

design process image
Something's Brewing

If you read Paul's sleeves, its scraps from a book about brewing beer.