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Straight to Hell

About this Poster

I saw a hand painted trike at an outsider art show with all these phrases about going to hell, and I liked that juxtaposition of a kids toy with hell. I could be mistaken but isn’t hell typically reserved for adults?

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Kraft-Tone, Manila Yellow Kraft
2-color screen print

Meet Amy Jo

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I make hand screenprinted posters and art prints with an emphasis on humor, nostalgia, glitter, and the random surprises encountered in the printmaking process.

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Back Story

design process image
The Sassy Devil Lady

I decided it would be fun to do something with a sassy devil lady holding a tiny bike in her hands, like a twist on that religious song...”She’s got the whole world in her hands.”

design process image
A Trick of the Mind

Usually what I envision in my head is never what I end up with. That’s just a fun trick my brain likes to play on me. So I work through 2 or 3 bad ideas before I come up with the design that finally sticks.

design process image
Made By Hand

I printed on French Paper Kraft-Tone, a thick paper with nice little bits of natural fleck. I like that printing my work by hand at my studio lends an element of craft that cannot be duplicated with machines.