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Along for the Ride

About this Poster

I imagined this dignified, safety-conscious gentleman traveling with his companion, and a dog that is curious and potentially agitated about the free-loading and joyful cat. Questions arose for me about their destination... and will the dog pursue?

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Cement Green
3-color screen print

Meet Arna Miller

Denver, Colorado USA

These days I am most interested in drawing, reading and quiet stillness. My work is illustrative, telling a story by creating a scene and letting the viewer be a part of the story by interpreting, or continuing the story.

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Back Story

design process image
Drawn From History

I found and pieced together various images for the drawing. The man’s body is a suave Sean Connery on a bicycle, the cardigan is from a ‘70s magazine and the man’s face is a Durer portrait. The helmet is a skateboard helmet.

design process image
Testing, One, Two, Three

When printing, I matched the yellow Pantone color to the one I picked on the computer and did a bunch of test prints to get the transparent black just right.

design process image
Mornings in the Studio

I ride my bike to my screen printing studio. It is a little more than a mile away, and I go in the quiet morning when the air is cool, and I leisurely cruise on and look at houses and yards and people and dogs being walked.