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About this Poster

I wanted to capture the Zeitgeist of cycling, the one word that seems to drown out the others whenever cycling is mentioned these days.

16.530000686645508″ x 23.389999389648438
Cartridge Paper, Snowdon
1-color screen print

Meet Anthony Oram

Frome, Somerset England

After running my own studio in London and Brighton for 15 years, I now work solo from my studio in Frome, Somerset for clients large and small across a wide variety of industries, along with producing my own work for sale.

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Back Story

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Smile Slaps FTW

My favorite thing about biking is the smile it slaps on my face when hitting the trail.

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On The Record

Record covers of the mid to late ‘80s made me want to become a designer.

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That's Good

The best advice I’ve ever gotten? “Less, but better.” (It wasn’t direct to me obvs... but that Dieter Rams knows a thing or two.)