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Through The Trees

About this Poster

I work with source photos that are then somewhat abstracted, and this one is from right before the 2018 All City Championships' Bandit Cross. Bikes were strewn around the course, with a broken-down bridge to run over.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Kraft Tone, Paper Bag
4-color screen print

Meet Aleta Perez

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Pérez designs and prints gig posters for many bands as well as art prints. Their style is complex, but subtle in a way that requires close inspection. They're known for drawing directly upon the films used to expose screens for printing, and utilizes the imperfect nature of pen upon Acetate to create organic texturing. They let the process of screen printing shape and mold the work, rather than striving for an exact replica of the work of the work on paper or on a computer screen.

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Back Story

design process image
Drawn Directly

Instead of printing out the films for exposure from a Photoshop file like most do, everything is drawn directly onto the acetate with pens. Pen ink interacts differently than printer ink with Acetate, so you can get very interesting organic textures that way.

design process image
Freedom To Go

My favorite thing about bikes is the freedom to just go wherever, whenever, without waiting for a bus or train, or dealing with the upkeep of a car.

design process image
That's The Truth

The best advice I’ve ever gotten? Always grease your seat post.