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Ride, Dog, Ride!

About this Poster

I wanted to draw a dog, and I was definitely inspired by the children's book "Go, Dog, Go!" So I drew this fun loving dog on a bike, enjoying the ride for the sake of the ride. Ultimately I think that's what dogs do best!

24.0″ x 18.0
Neenah Paper, Stardream, Kunzite
3-color screen print

Meet Ashely Rades

Andover, Minnesota USA

My work strives to have some greater story to it. It could be something simple like a season or a smile, or it could be something much more complex like a full story. I think that illustration is a way we can tell peoples stories with that extra emotional "unf." We can set the scene and tell the story in one image, and I think sometimes that can increase the impact of a story. My work celebrates that.

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Back Story

design process image
Moving Toward Ideas

Being outside and in nature is a huge part of my process. I get stuffed up when I'm inside and my creative juices start moving when my feet do.

design process image
Black Light, Bowling Alley

The paper has a little sheen to it! I also think the bright colors would look great under a black light at a bowling alley somewhere.

design process image
Silent Kindness

I am inspired by quiet people who are trying to make the world a better place. Much of my work tries to capture that silent kindness in people that I think gets overlooked.