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Typically when I'm riding a bike, it's on a ride with my wife. I wanted to portray that relationship-time in how these two people are interacting.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Red Hot
3-color screen print

Meet Ronlewhorn

Indianapolis, Indiana USA

I'm a designer, illustrator and screen printer from Indianapolis, Indiana at the helm of Ronlewhorn Industries. I design and hand-make screen-printed artwork for bands and brands such as Dollar Shave Club, Disney, Queens of the Stone Age, Cake, and Arctic Monkeys.

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Back Story

design process image
It's Complicated

My initial sketch was two bikes wrecking into each other and ending up in an embrace. The process of feedback resulted in the two of them doing an endo and starting to kiss. 

design process image
The Family That Rides Together

My family goes to Mackinac Island every other year or so and bikes around it multiple times together. Outside of everyday riding and casual outings, this is an event we all look forward to and is more about the relationships and interactions of our family than anything. 

design process image
With Love, Anything's Possible

I love how these people could be anyone. Obviously pulling off a double endo and landing a kiss while handing off a flower is an impossible scenario for anyone but highly-trained stunt performers, but the idea of interaction with someone you love while biking is something I think everyone can relate to.