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We Ride

About this Poster

We are all Champs in our own way without winning a race, I wanted to show the diverse ways that everyone can ride a bike. Each different bike shows the different ways to ride; racing or riding within in a city, woods, or community.

18.0″ x 24.0
Neenah Paper, Classic Crest, Natural White
5-color screen print

Meet Adam Turman

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I am an Illustrator, muralist, screen printer, and artist living and working in Minneapolis. I often tell customers that my work is the kind of thing they AND their grandmother can enjoy. It's bold, graphic, and eye-catching. It's fun, pure and simple.

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Back Story

design process image
Party Shirt FTW

My ninth grade class had a contest for an illustration to be chosen for the ninth grade grad party shirt… it was a Hollywood theme, so I drew Marilyn Monroe, Superman, StarWars, etc. As it turns out, my design was selected, and the coolest part was not that I won, but to see all the kids walking around wearing the design. And that is what feeds my own energy—the pride that happens when you see people admiring (or wearing) your art.

design process image
Details And Diversity

Each color, registration feeds into the other which causes the initial reaction of Wow! Cool! And then as your eyes get beyond the color you can get into the details and diversity of the image.

design process image
Solid Dad Advice

The best advice came from my Dad: "Surround yourself with good people and good work will come out of it."