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A Perfect Day

About this Poster

It's hard not to notice the many overlaps in bike culture, café culture, and craft beer culture. They just fit so nicely together. I tried to capture that perfect day, meeting friends at the café, going on a long ride, and then cooling off at a beer garden afterwards.

24.0″ x 18.0
Canson Paper, Mix Media, White
1-color screen print

Meet Bruce Doscher

Waupaca, WI USA / Muriwai, New Zealand

I'm an American-born New Zealander who's a designer and cyclist. I was the last kid in school to ride a 2-wheeler. When I finally summoned the courage at the ripe age of 7, there was no going back. Bikes have been a passion ever since. I started a personal project in 2010 designing a print for every stage of the Tour de France. In 2015 it brought me to France where I cycled the entire 3,300+ km route of le Tour. My cycling life and design life continue to intersect, and in many ways, define me.

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Back Story

design process image
Good Days Ahead

My poster reminds me of some fond memories, and it also gives me hope that some pretty good days like this are waiting ahead.

design process image
First Taste Of Freedom

Bikes = Freedom. Freedom = Happiness. Bikes are your first taste of freedom as a kid. That feeling has never left me.

design process image
Keep Moving

This advice came from my Grandma who is now 101. When asked for her secret to longevity: "I never drove a car, I walked everywhere." Which is true. She's lived in New York her entire life, and walked literally everywhere. She walked to the grocery store every day well into her 90s. The wisdom she's imparted throughout her life is: stay active, keep moving, don't always opt for convenience.