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City Bike

About this Poster

City Bike is my interpretation of seeing the city through your bike. As you ride in and around the city, you are always experiencing new things.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Charcoal Brown
3-color screen print

Meet Brian Geihl

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I am a Minneapolis based graphic designer and printmaker. I love screen printing because I can combine design and photography with getting messy in the studio. Lately I have developed a new passion for photography. My work is starting to reflect that as more and more pieces are based on photos I've taken. I tend to make art about things I love. This includes the outdoors, Twin Cities architecture, sports, music and cycling. I hand print all of my work in my custom made studio.

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Back Story

design process image
30 Minutes, But Who's Counting

This print debuted at ARTCRANK MSP 2013. I'll never forget walking into the building and seeing that it had sold out within an hour of the show opening.

design process image
Dad Experience

I'm inspired by experiences in life. Sights, sounds, colors, etc. Also, being a dad.

design process image
That Would Be Prudent

The best idea I've ever had while riding a bike? It's probably safer to stop the bike, THEN take the photo...