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In The Woods

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Those first adventures away from the protection of your parents; losing the track of time and maybe arriving late for dinner, ending up grounded. Being worth it every time.

16.5″ x 23.375
Colorplan, China White
1-color screen print

Meet Barbara Ana Gomez

London, England

I'm a Spanish illustrator based in London, where I work in my home studio. My drawings are mostly inspired by music, nature and space.

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Back Story

design process image
As (Not) Easy As That

I started making some sketches in pencil and afterwards I used fineliner pens to ink the drawing. I then contacted Yeti Screen Print. The image was too detailed, and they had a hard time getting it screen printed, but thanks to their amazing job it came out exactly as I wanted.

design process image

Bicycles have been around in my life since I can remember. One of my favourite memories associated to them is riding in the summer with my little cousin to the station bridge, just in time to catch the hourly train passing beneath it.

design process image
Fun In The Forest

Did you find the lost cyclist? She's having fun in the forest!