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King Of These Streets

About this Poster

I wanted to convey the idea that every cyclist can rule the streets that they travel every day— it's not about winning races, but enjoying the ride. With a nod to the famous TdF King of the Mountains polka dots, but made to highlight a scenario that everyone who rides a bike, no matter what type, can relate to.

16.5″ x 23.375
Colorplan Paper, Bright Red
2-color screen print

Meet Christopher Grace

London, England

Graphic Designer / Cyclist. Firm believer in the less is more attitude to work. Based in London but take the opportunity to explore on the bike as much as possible— have just returned from 3 months in California, where the roads are flowing and windy, the sun shines and the scenery is beautiful. Just like home!

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Back Story

design process image
Developing Patterns

As always, the idea started as sketches— I knew I wanted to utilise the KoM polka dots, but in a way that could be applied to urban riding. I started to develop the pattern to encorporate chain links and the abstract form of a bicycle, and turned this into a repeat that then overlays the typography in the final design. The poster was screen printed by hand here in London by fellow cyclist, Dan Mather.



design process image
Different Bikes, Same Feeling

I've always ridden bikes. True, I've been through different stages growing up— BMX, dirt, downhill— but the love of two wheels has always been there. I now ride fixed to work and use the road bike to escape the city at weekend. Each moment on the road is a new and unique experience, and I love the fact that something so simple can offer so much freedom and enjoyment. There's nothing better than jumping on the bike and clearing the head!

design process image
King For a Ride

Although "King of the Streets" is a simple statement, hopefully it is a feeling that every rider can relate to, whether based in a city, or in the most remote of locations!