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Bikes On Balconies

About this Poster

I had a bit of a struggle coming up with an idea for this poster. Although I had many ideas I couldn't make any of them stick to paper. In frustration I decided to take a break and meet up with a friend in Gastown (Vancouver). It was while I was waiting and observing all the old buildings around me that I began to notice all the bikes being stored on balconies. Finally I had an idea that just might work!

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Nightshift Blue
3-color screen print

Meet Chelsea Ker

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

I am a layout artist at an animation studio in Vancouver. If I'm not drawing backgrounds in perspective, I might be taking photographs, watching the latest film, and of course, riding my road bike. I love the visual medium and when I'm creating my own work I try to follow the adage: "Show, don't tell." 

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Back Story

design process image
In Gastown on Main Street

Vancouver has many interesting buildings to draw inspiration from; I found my inspiration in Gastown and on Main Street. At first I wanted to have many buildings in the poster design but the composition wasn't working. I took the best of what I had, pulling elements from all my drawings, and created just one building facade with many balconies. The final design was drawn in Photoshop.

design process image
Pepe and I

My road bike (who goes by the name of Pepe)  and I have gone on many great rides. If I can commute by bike, I will. It's the greatest way to clear my mind, reset my day, and escape the dreaded computer screen I have to stare at most days.

design process image
Balcony Life

When you live in the city, seeing bikes on balconies is very common, especially with older buildings. It's a visual story in itself, a little peek into the lives of those who reside in the building.