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About this Poster

One of my bikes — the one featured in this poster — is an old Bridgestone Kabuki, with bits of paint chipped off in various places. My own art uses line patterns to circle and emphasize imperfections in paper. I took the same idea and applied it to the frame, hand painting it with line patterns.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Kraft-Tone, Paper Bag
4-color screen print

Meet Aleta Perez

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I'm a screenprinter in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I draw a great many line patterns with some less recognizable landscapes and weird houses. When not at a desk or printing table, I may be seen around town delivering food on my bicycle.

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Back Story

design process image
Done With Sun

Everything is 100% done by hand by myself and at my home in a very DIY manner. I expose the screens with the sun and wash out in my bathtub.

design process image
Straight To Film

This poster used hand drawn films, where rather than getting someone to print out the separated colors onto film from a computer file, I drew directly onto the film itself. This allows me to utilize things inherent in the process of screen printing to get different textures.

design process image
Every Day is Bike Day

Biking is a easy, stress free way to get around for me — never have to deal with parking! I've also recently become a bike courier, so it's become an even more regular part of my life.