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Treasures Untold

About this Poster

I recently bought a rad new bike, and the teal color was actually called “Mermaid.” That inspired the concept of a mermaid and a bike. I liked the idea of a mermaid finding a bike at the bottom of the ocean and trying to guess what it’s used for. The color scheme was inspired by the waiting room receptionist in the movie Beetlejuice. Kudos to anyone who gets the bike name reference!

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Blu Raspberry
4-color screen print

Meet Courtney Thomas

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I'm an artist and illustrator working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I specialize in fantastical, feminine imagery. When I'm not drawing, I can usually be found reading comic books, daydreaming, or sipping bourbon. Sometimes all three.

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Back Story

design process image
Fun To Draw

I think artists and designers love bikes because they're a tool to get out and explore the world. Plus they're more fun to draw than cars.

design process image
Drawn To Water

I'm inspired by almost anything. Music and travel are big. I go through cycles where I'm very drawn to oceanic imagery.

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Good Spot

Favorite place to ride? I love the Kenilworth Trail.