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I've stopped thinking in more than one dimension. Every day becomes a linear progression of tasks that (hopefully) involves a bike ride. My poster is a tribute to every cyclist that's dreaming of their next ride.

16.5″ x 23.399999618530273
G.F Smith Paper, Colorplan, Ebony Black
1-color screen print

Meet Chris Verbick

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

I find people that need products, and I make the products that they need. To get there I combine homespun entrepreneurship, unreasonable ambition, an engineering degree, a design degree, and a loud mouth. Let's talk!

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Back Story

design process image
Some Mistakes Are Good

It was actually a mistake how I became a designer! I started by working at a t-shirt screen printing shop with no air-con when I was 18. I used to run my shirt through the conveyor dryer just to get rid of the sweat... After that, a series of jobs led me to design and I’m so glad that I’ve found it. Engineering was an aspiration. I’m glad that I finally found that too.

design process image
One And Done

It only took one line to draw the whole design!

design process image
Mom Was Right

The best advice I’ve ever gotten: ‘Wherever it is that you want to be, go there. And then do the thing that you’re there to do.’ ~ My Mom, as we looked out at the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean.