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Cycle Life

About this Poster

On a recent trip to Amsterdam, I loved how integral to life cycling was there. Bikes everywhere, whether it be commuting, getting the shopping in, taking kids to school! It wasn't unusual to see people cruising down the cycle lanes whilst taking a call or returning a text!

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Whitewash
2-color screen print

Meet Ben Whittington

Leeds, England UK

As well as being a full time graphic designer, I love to create hand pulled screen prints of my own original designs and illustrations, and I am a member of West Yorkshire Print Workshop. Being from a design background, the approach to the aesthetic of my prints can vary and I'll incorporate different styles or techniques to suit the needs of the underlying idea.

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Back Story

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Outlet For Inspiration

Printmaking gives me an outlet for my own creations, pieces of illustration or design that are inspired by different aspects of my life — my hometown, places I’ve visited, wildlife, music, or more recently, pieces designed for or inspired by my kids.



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They're Right There

The buildings depicted in my poster can be found on Damrak, literally a stone's throw from Amsterdam Central Station!

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Pedal to Headspace

The best idea I've had while riding a bike was that I should invest in a decent bike and get out on it more! Riding's not necessarily part of my creative process but it's definitely good for finding a little headspace and letting ideas percolate.