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Present on the Path

About this Poster

Presence has been an ongoing theme in my life this past year and something I wanted to incorporate into the design. Conceptually, the poster acts as a mantra for life and biking. What I love about the act of biking is that it forces you to be present in nature and in the moment. You can find yourself in a state of flow, being fully immersed in a feeling of focus and enjoyment in the activity. Being fully present when on your path is a reminder I never get tired of hearing either.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Timber Green
2-color screen print

Meet Danielle Aba-Onu

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I'm currently a senior graphic designer and National Co+Op Grocers, combining my passion for food, community, and sustainability with design. I've loved collaborating and learning from so many amazing creatives in the city at agencies like Fame, Periscope, and Little. I continue to seek out ways to serve others through art like mentoring at-risk youth with the non-profit Free Arts. Entertaining family and friends, cooking and DIY home projects with my husband Frank are other favorite pastimes.

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Back Story

design process image
Something From Nothing

My parents raised me to be a dreamer and maker and luckily were fully supportive when I decided to take my passion for art and make it into a career. I have always loved the process of making something from nothing.

design process image
A Little More Special

Ornamental, mandala-like line art incorporated with the iconic wheel and center gear bring this mantra to life. Metallic gold makes it a little more special.

design process image
Pedal Exploration

I love exploring the city with friends on bikes.