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Red Light

About this Poster

When I learned the 2010 Tour of California was finishing a stage in Santa Cruz, it seemed to be a great opportunity to have an art show. I had two ideas for a track stand print. I printed one in 2010, then resurrected this one in 2014.

14.0″ x 18.5
Bristol Board
5-color screen print

Meet Doug Ross

Santa Cruz, California USA

Before doing silkscreen art prints, I was a successful freelance illustrator, published internationally, and in top national publications like Forbes, New York Times, PCWorld.

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Back Story

design process image
Blow It Up

I just raw a lot of pencil sketches and trace one of my own drawings to improve it. Sometimes I draw small and blow it up on a photocopier: That gives me a good basic composition, then I  just have to add details. 

design process image
Fastest Kid on the Block

I bought my own bike with paper route money. It was a Manufrance 10 speed, and I was the fastest kid on my block. I have since done the AIDS Ride, the Best Buddy Big Sur ride, and toured France.

design process image
Imagine That

I like printing because it has a nice balance between mental and physical effort. I love mixing up jars of ink to match the colors I imagined.