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My South Minneapolis neighborhood has an unusually urban wooded gully where unseen teenagers transform trails into bike courses and fallen trees into elaborate shelters. It has inspired a comic I'm working on about a boy's friendship with a mysterious woodland giant, and also my poster, as I wondered how much fun it would be to have a dirt bike and a giant at your disposal.

24.0″ x 18.0
French Paper, Kraft-Tone, Memo Orange
2-color screen print

Meet Erik T. Johnson

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Art director, designer at CSA Design / occasionally an editorial illustrator for The New Yorker, New York Times, etc. / also a graphic novelist

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Back Story

design process image
Sense Of Motion

I began with very loose sketches of the idea, both with pen and paper and on the iPad Pro, but once the spatial dynamics were worked out, I scaled up the sketch with a grid and began drawing directly on bristol board with ink and brush. The drawing alone took a good chunk of several days to build up the detail without losing the central dynamic and sense of motion.

design process image
Sparked By Cycling

I think this poster both atmospheric and kinetic. It's personal, but also universal in describing how imagination is sparked by cycling. I love the expert printing by Steady Print Co. which includes a natural blend effect in the base layer. Also, I think I'm the first ARTCRANK designer to use French Paper's new Kraft-Tone Memo Orange paper.

design process image
Escape And Meditation

I spend most of my waking hours working out ideas, so biking for me is an escape and a meditation. It's an occasional six-mile commute on weekdays, or pulling kids in a Burley on the weekends, still for me it's bliss, no screens, windshields or any other form of containment.