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O'er The Land Of The Freewheel

About this Poster

I started thinking and looking around for inspiration in early September. Stuck and not really coming up with anything good, I realized it was now September 11th. I started going through all of the memorial posts and decided to make a patriotic American posters. Who doesn't like an American bike poster?

24.0″ x 18.0
French Paper, Speckletone, Starch White
3-color screen print

Meet Edgar Garcia

Corona, California USA

I'm a designer born and raised in beautiful Southern California. I enjoy anything creative from photography and illustration, to finger painting and doodling with my daughter. I love the process of turning an idea and a doodle into a framed piece of art. There is nothing better than a good typeface and a great outdoor adventure.

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Back Story

design process image
Sharpen The #2

Like always, the initial concept stars with the old paper and pencil. I sharpened my #2 and went to town on my trusty field notes sketch pad (grid). Once the initial concept was in place, I scoured the internet to reference all of the bike parts I wanted to use in the print.


design process image
Ain't That America

Riding a bike is as American as baseball and apple pie. I was excited when I was able to recreate the lovely American flag being made up of bicycle parts.

design process image
Spoke Card Memories

All of my closest friends and myself find a joy in pedaling down the street and grabbing a bite. I've loved bikes since the first time I strapped my Donruss 1992 Nolan Ryan to my spokes and rode into the sunset (street light).