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Views At Lake Bde Maka Ska

About this Poster

When I was walking around the lake I really just enjoy seeing the skyline peeks out from behind the trees. I really enjoyed re creating a well known spot.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Kraft Tone, Parcel Wrap Kraft
3-color screen print

Meet Erica Mathern

Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

I’m a marketing coordinator and graphic designer who finds peace and purpose in my creative lifestyle. In my personal work, much of my inspiration comes from nature or real life experiences. My favorite thing about being an artist is seeing the world more intensely, noticing things others do not, and knowing that when life has me in the dumps at least I can still draw.

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Back Story

design process image
No Right Or Wrong

There isn't a right or a wrong way to create something that makes you happy. Although there is always the ability to evolve and grow as an artist to find and create your style.

design process image
Extra Awesome

The unique paper used makes this poster extra-awesome; it has wood fibers and a beautiful natural texture. I also enjoyed working with negative space throughout the design to really utilize the paper.

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Make The Ride Fun

My favorite memories with bikes have to do with our family bike rides. It was my dad who got my sister and I into biking and always made the rides fun.