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Cycling Pinball

About this Poster

Sometimes riding a bike through the city feels like getting bounced around from hazard to hazard like a ball in a old-school pinball machine. I wanted to capture that exhilarating feeling in a whimsical manner.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Tangy Orange
4-color screen print

Meet Ellen Schofield

Mankato, Minnesota USA

I'm a designer and educator from Minnesota. I love making bright, colorful work that makes people smile. Lately, I'm also slightly obsessed with making laser-cut paper designs.

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Back Story

design process image
Mom and Dad's Machine

In the early '80s for their one year wedding anniversary, my parents bought themselves a Gottlieb & Company Circus pinball machine. I still own that machine and used it as a reference when making my posters.

design process image
And the Cat Just Watched

When I had filled a few pages with possible ideas for bike hazards related to pinball, I made a quick pencil sketch of the best ideas to rough-out the layout of the poster. After that, I kept the sketch close while I translated my ideas onto the computer.

design process image
Ride, Chat and Relax

I love the social aspect of bicycling. My favorite rides are on forest trails with a couple of friends where you can ride, chat and relax.