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First Light

About this Poster

I wanted to show something that you can only experience if you ride in the winter. There is something sort of magical about having your whole environment transformed into a blank white canvas full of potential. You just have to go make it happen.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Pure White
4-color screen print

Meet Brendan Totten

Somerville, Massachusetts USA

I am an illustrator and printmaker based in Somerville, Massachusetts. I am most passionate about story telling, so all of my work has a pretty strong narrative element. I find the challenge of trying to tell a whole story in a single image, or at least allude to something larger and more complex than what you see, to be extremely satisfying. Creating an image is like a conceptual jigsaw puzzle. 

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Back Story

design process image
In A Fresh Light

Biking is definitely part of my creative process, but more for clearing my head. My best ideas come when I return to my work after a long ride and I can see what I had been working on in a fresh light. 

design process image
Color On The House

This is purely technical, but this poster is my first print to use a mostly transparent color to achieve extra colors.  Also, my house is in it.

design process image
Quiet And Loud

I'm inspired by vast quiet solitude, loud confined proximity, and all the potentiality between the two.