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Buzz Bot

About this Poster

For the big idea, I wanted to give a mechanized robot both purpose and personality. The desire for an early morning coffee. A friendly robot. And the goal to get somewhere fast on a bicycle. These seemingly random things came together to portray the robot speeding towards his destination.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Speckletone, Kraft
3-color screen print

Meet Greg Brose

Stillwater, Minnesota USA

I am an Associate Creative Director at Capsule in Minneapolis by day. And the rest of the time, I pride myself on being goofy and not-at-all serious with my wife, twin boys, and two dogs. Design, biking, laughs, and generally being curious about how things work, is what keeps life interesting for me.

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Back Story

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Take A Closer Look

The poster has simple shapes that are graphic and bold from a distance. The robot’s intentions and intensity are explained by the dials, gauges, and information. Those little visual graphics elements that you discover as you look closer, are the ones that I enjoy the most.

design process image
Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

I'm inspired by music from the 1980s, flickering fireflies, outdoors, and laughs with family and friends.

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What are people most surprised to learn about me? I really, really, really like things to match. My socks, and especially all my bike gear. Red and black all the way.