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Double Decker Tandem

About this Poster

I love the idea of tandem bikes, but they’re completely impractical in a city environment! My solution… why not build it upwards? ! It would certainly make the morning commute a bit more fun (and ridiculously unfair on the person on the bottom — perhaps they can swap every day).

16.5″ x 23.399999618530273
Gmund Paper, Bauhaus Dessau, Weiss
3-color screen print

Meet Gareth Brown

Cardiff, Wales

I’m an illustrator and animator from Cardiff. I create conceptual illustrations with a witty, energetic (and sometimes a bit sarcastic) approach, using a colourful and bold style. I have a fascination with moving image and love to incorporate a cheeky GIF in to my projects whenever I can.

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Back Story

design process image
Dogs Are Always Cool

These posters were printed by the awesome guys at The Printhaus in Cardiff who have recently had to relocate due to their previous site being demolished to make way for accommodation. These are one of the first prints to come out of their new workshop (but not THE first). The dog in the basket is pretty cool too.

design process image
Illustrators Are The Coolest

I was brought up on books that were illustrated by Quentin Blake and Roger Hargreaves, and my parents have always encouraged me to draw since I was little. I just wanted to have a cool job and be like ‘one of those guys.’

design process image
Sure, Now You Tell Us

Best advice I’ve ever gotten: ‘Always back up your work.’