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Moon Cycle

About this Poster

Both of my ARTCRANK posters have been moon-inspired! This one continues the work of the last, inspired by and dedicated to my fellow ladies/wolves who feel the pull of the lunar phases, the call of the wild, the dark of the night.

24.0″ x 18.0
Domtar Paper, Cougar, Natural
2-color screen print

Meet Helen Tseng

San Francisco, California USA

I am a designer and illustrator who lives in San Francisco with a jazz guitarist and a magical cat. I like minimalism, geometry, symbols, bold colors, and humor.

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Back Story

design process image
Give It the Gold

Sparkly gold ink! Seeing the final design on my screen, I knew I had to get it printed with metallic gold ink. I worked with Forthrite Printing in Oakland, who did a great job with the prints.

design process image
Where Bike Meets Body

Biking is so many things to me: Transportation, exercise, therapy, a social activity, a means to adventure, a place to be alone, a symbol of independence and empowerment. My bike feels like an extension of my body.

design process image
Details Get it Done

The idea for Moon Cycle came to me in the middle of my sketch process for a completely different design. After a few roughs on paper, I went straight to Illustrator, where I spent extra time with tiny details that mean a lot to me that nobody else will notice.