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Awake the Lake

About this Poster

I wanted to create a design that makes a big splash through shape and movement. The larger than life figure is biking across one of Minnesota’s great lakes, weaving through unsuspecting sailboats.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Pure White
3-color screen print

Meet Jaime Anderson

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I am a freelance illustrator and educator who is driven by the challenge of visual problem solving. I have had the honor of participating in Minneapolis ARTCRANK and enjoy being a part of this vibrant, creative community. My work has been featured in DPI Magazine, Applied Arts Magazine, American Illustration, CMYK, Creative Quarterly, and the Society of Illustrators West. 

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Back Story

design process image
From Pencils to Pixels

My ideas usually start with small thumbnail sketches to explore composition and design. Then I work the sketch to its finished size and explore a few different color palettes. I work 100% digitally on my tablet and use a range of Photoshop brushes. 

design process image
Breaking the Rules

This could be any lake in any place! This poster celebrates summer and defies all rules of gravity. :)

design process image
Beat and Rhythm

What I love about biking and hiking is the rhythm you create while in motion and how that repetition works to declutter and calm. It gives you a beat.