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I wanted a poster that was quirky, thought provoking and aesthetically pleasing. Some might think the print shows what my legs feel like after a long ride. For others, it might represent the need for eight legs, because two isn’t enough these days! For me it captures the demand from society to break records and the constant thrive to be the best. Sometimes I wish I was half human, half octopus to face that demand.

16.5″ x 23.399999618530273
G.F Smith Paper, Colorplan, Cool Grey
1-color screen print

Meet Jo Chastney

Bournemouth, England

I’m a tattoo artist and fine artist based in Bournemouth. I have been passionate about drawing from a young age and started drawing on people’s skin in 2013 after I got hooked on getting tattooed. I specialise in fine line, dot work and sketchy styles in black ink (mostly). In my art, I really enjoy playing with words and imagery in a fun and unique way! Other than that I spend my time riding my bike, surfing and exploring the world with my love Marta and Roko, the naughty dog!

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Back Story

design process image
Bet Pants Are Tough To Find

I found an old portrait of a cyclist to use as my reference, just a random guy, the photo is about 70 years old, the end result really looks like one of my friends (no, not the tentacle bit), who is a keen cyclist! Sorry/thanks Faz! Also, if you have seen a guy with octopus legs, please let’s be friends.

design process image
Snowboarding's Loss Is Our Gain

I used to be a professional snowboarder, when my career ended I was left empty. I have always been predisposed for the arts, but never thought to make it my career. I started falling in love with tattoos and drawing and from there my imagination sprung to life in the best way I know. With help from music, nature, friends, family I felt inspired again and slowly started learning the profession of tattooing. Ultimately it feels amazing to have a bit of my art on people’s skin!

design process image
Best Time To Take

The best advice I’ve ever gotten: ‘Always take time for yourself.’ ~ Marta (my fiancé) she’s great at keeping me motivated and calming me down when I need to.