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We Ride

About this Poster

I always seem to have a typographical focus for my posters, and wanted to do some type of cycling battle cry. Tweaking a line that’s usually associated to warriors in riding atop steeds: “We Ride at Dawn/At Dawn, We Ride”— it became a bit more fitting to your average rider. Being a child of the '80s, I had to go with the most iconic bike I could think of.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Electric Red
2-color screen print

Meet Justin Cline

Denver, Colorado USA

Creative type in the 303. I love typography, illustration and clean, semantic code.

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Back Story

design process image
Great T-Shirt, Better Poster

Working from multiple reference photos, I illustrated this one entirely on the computer, which is rare for me. Then worked through numerous typeface options and customizing the script to arrive at the final. I actually initially made this into a T-shirt for our company's Bike to Work Day always thinking it’d make a great print. 

design process image
Don't Forget The Hashtag

I love bikes. The feeling of freedom and opportunity to be totally present is welcomed, especially with the ubiquitous mobile computers in our pockets. See you later Likes and Retweets—I’m going to go climb a mountain and watch out for potholes on the way down! Ok, of course I’m going to take some pictures and Instagram that shit after too. #artcrank

design process image
Cockles = Warmed

If you too are a child of the '80s, this poster will warm the cockles of your heart. That, and it has some fantastic halftone shading going on.