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My poster design aims to encapsulate the feeling you get after a long ride — the buzz and positivity. As a designer I love copywriting, typography and visual metaphors so from this the Pumped poster idea was born.

23.399999618530273″ x 16.5
Gmund Paper, Bauhaus Dessau, Weiss
2-color screen print

Meet Jamie Ellul — Supple Studio

Bath, England

At Supple Studio we strive to create simple, engaging design ideas that make people sit up and take notice. We're all about big ideas and beautiful crafting.

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Back Story

design process image
Album Covers = Gateway Drug

I grew up in a house with my parents and my aunty and uncle. My uncle was an artist, sculptor and wood carver — there were always craft materials around and a huge wood carving workshop in our back garden. So I spent a lot of my time drawing and making from an early age. Once I discovered graphic design (via album covers) I was hooked.

design process image
Bringing Sexy Back

I've used two of the sexiest special Pantone colours — fluorescent yellow and dark grey metallic — oof.

design process image
Get A Handle

My bike is pretty knackered from five years of commuting (time for an upgrade) — but my favourite part of it is actually an accessory: a Temple Cycles leather carry handle for lugging it up stairs and over gates.