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Hello Lamppost

About this Poster

I have a old Dunelt three-speed that I like to ride around town while wearing a dress — it makes me feel delightfully proper, completely retro and a bit dreamy. I wanted to capture that in my poster (and couldn't resist a fancy lamppost and the ensuing S&G reference).

20.0″ x 20.0
French Paper, Construction, Whitewash
2-color screen print

Meet Jessica Hall Burns

St. Paul, Minnesota USA

I'm a designer, illustrator and compulsive maker currently freelancing in MSP. My work typically incorporates pattern and clean, crisp lines. I spend my free time sewing, playing the piano adequately, watching British television and chasing my two kiddos.

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Back Story

design process image
High Praise

Of all the posters I've ever made, this is the only one I have hanging in my house.

design process image
Plants To Phone Scribbles

I find inspiration in everything from lines of the windows on the school by my house and the shapes of the plants in my garden to the geometry of the quilts I sew and the scribbles I make while on the phone.

design process image
Life Decisions On Wheels

I've had A LOT of harebrained ideas while on my bike, but the best one was that I should have a kid. I think he (and his sister) turned out pretty well.