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The Beacon

About this Poster

One of my favorite things to do is night bike rides. So my first idea for my ARTCRANK poster was to do something at night. I thought it would be interesting to use the white paper as the source of the light beam and hilight of the piece.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Smart White
4-color screen print

Meet Jess Louwagie

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Minneapolis based graphic designer, focused on websites, web applications, and brand building. I designed logos, identity systems, websites and custom software applications for orgs/businesses of any size. I also love designing posters, graphics for clothing, and solving problems though design.

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Back Story

design process image
Highlights and Patterns

My goal in this piece was to achieve an interesting scene where light plays an equal importance to the actual subject. To achieve this I wanted to balance a dark enough overall tone to really let the headlight (paper showing through) be the highlight, and blinking tail light really produce a recognizable strobe pattern. 

design process image
For Work and For Fun

My experiences on bikes directly influence my design. It's a time I can brainstorm, clear my head, and recharge my creativity. In this print in particular, the idea came directly from riding at night on the Greenway in Minneapolis and Minnetonka LRT Trail — a commute I do regularly for work (and fun).

design process image
Absence of Ink

I am a fan of balance. I try to convey a full story in a minimal amount of detail to provide a very graphic look. Less is more. I also generally try to work with negative space to become a key element of designs — which in this case is the headlight (absence of ink).