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My approach was to think about areas of cycling and cycle sport that don’t get enough attention. Leading on from this it occurred to me that in bike races the story is always about the winners and never the losers! It seems obvious by cycle fans don’t seem to have anywhere near enough love for the people at the back of the race. Whether it’s being dropped by your so called friend on a local hill climb or withdrawing from an elite level race most of us know what it feels like to be that person.

16.5″ x 23.399999618530273
G.F Smith Paper, Colorplan, Factory Yellow
3-color screen print

Meet Joseph Warren

London, England

I’m an artist and designer who enjoys being involved with a wide range of creative projects. These include digital design, motion graphics, 3D and much more, but print remains very special to me, especially when it involves a handmade process such as letterpress and screen printing.

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Back Story

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Dear Diary

I'm a consistent keeper of a personal visual diary — collecting random images, objects and thoughts as I travel around. All of the graphic elements on my poster are taken from recent entries in my 'scrapbook of ideas'. I think having diverse sources of inspiration is important in the process of creating exciting and original artwork.

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No Boundaries, No Boredom

I've enjoyed making things for as long as I can remember so there was never really anything else I considered doing to earn a living. There's something magical about the process of having ideas and then bringing them to life visually. As an artist the only boundary is your own imagination so it's impossible to get bored.

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Keep On Rolling

There's really two sides to my love affair with cycling. First is the joy of competition (track racing in my case) and way it pushes you beyond normal limits to be fitter, faster, stronger. The second is how every bike ride is it's own adventure, like a short story. It's hard to beat the joy of just being out on quiet country lanes observing the landscape slowly change as you roll along.