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About this Poster

When I'm having a great day on my bike, where the wind is at my back and my legs feel strong, I feel bigger and badder than everything else around me. This led to the image of the giant biker dominating his world. Flying down the road at 25mph, only hearing the spinning of his wheels and wind whistling across his ears.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Smart White
5-color screen print

Meet Jake Zweibohmer

Humboldt, Iowa USA

Once I have a picture in my head, I can't rest until I have something on paper. I have a passion for print design and have followed that path for the past 17 years. I own 2trees design and work for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources as Art Director of Iowa Outdoors magazine. 

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Back Story

design process image
Head Clearing Ahead

Riding helps me to clear my head. Oftentimes if I'm struggling with a project, riding will help me sort through the problem. Obviously, this poster was fully inspired by riding. 

design process image
We See What You Did There

This was a great chance to incorporate this metaphoric sense of power with my connection to natural resources and conservation. The wind turbines helped me convey that sense of wind and direction while promoting renewable energy.

design process image
All Over the World

People and places inspire me the most. The beauty of architecture and typography from all over the world are big creative influences for me. I hope that one of the printed pieces I leave behind when I'm gone will inspire someone else someday, too.