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Rolling Along

About this Poster

I gravitate toward simplicity in my designs. It feels humble. For me my bike(s) help me roll through the bumpy parts of life. Bikes are joy, plain and simple.

12.5″ x 19.5
French Paper, Construction, Whitewash
4-color screen print

Meet Kelly Munson

Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

I lead with my heart, running through this life at full speed hoping to make a difference and leave the world a little cooler, a little more beautiful than how I found it.

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Back Story

design process image
Everything It Needs To Be

I think the coolest thing about my poster is its simplicity.

design process image
State Of Mind

The Minnesota landscape is always in my mind as I make. Simple, stark and peaceful.

design process image
Fat's Where It's At

The best idea I've ever had while riding a bike? To buy a fat tire bike.