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Sabo Bridge

About this Poster

I see this bridge virtually every day and it is probably my favorite piece of architecture in the Twin Cities. I was also inspired by vintage travel posters and their way of being appreciated by locals who recognize the monuments and alluring to those who aren't as familiar. This is a 3rd edition print from our 2016 Minneapolis show.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Blu Raspberry
2-color screen print

Meet Krisna MacDonald

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I'm a graphic designer in Minneapolis and my current fixation is with icon design and brand identity systems. In both disciplines, I enjoy the challenge of taking something that's complex like a thought, a feeling or a memory and searching for that perfect metaphor that is both visually appealing and digestible.

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Back Story

design process image
Perfect Balance

I thought the way this poster would be most successful would be in its accuracy of the bridge's depiction — so I began with taking a lot of photos and overlaying them with simple vector shapes to block in the composition. Then I figured out what details are paramount in making every element recognizable and just iterate and edit until I find that perfect balance of clarity and stylization. 

design process image
Skyline Magic

While the Sabo Bridge was obviously the source of inspiration (and if anything the largest element of the poster), I probably spent the most time working on the Minneapolis skyline. You see it done so many times where it's just an outline or a solid block of color so I challenged myself to execute it differently. A local screenprinter, Erik Hamline, printed my posters and he is seriously a dark wizard.

design process image
Everybody's Doing It

I got into biking through peer pressure — all of my college friends were doing it. We would bike to class together, bike to the bars, bike to the park, we just biked everywhere if there was a road to it. So now every time I hop on my bike, I always think of that one group of friends that helped me pick out my first bike that I still ride today.