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About this Poster

I like to wake up early and ride the local mountain bike trails before starting my work day. Riding clears my mind and gets my blood flowing. I love the way the morning light filters through the trees and illuminates the plants and forest life. That combination of exhilaration, calm, and beauty was the inspiration for this print.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Kraft-Tone, Manilla Yellow
3-color screen print

Meet Kyle Sauter

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Born in Alaska. Raised in Vermont. I spent six years as a designer in the snowboard industry before moving to Minneapolis to launch my freelance illustration and graphic design career. I love the process of screen printing and have a passion for bikes, boards, burritos, and heavy metal.

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Back Story

design process image
Riding to An Idea

The process for this piece started with a morning ride, my camera, and a concept of the moment I wanted to capture. I made thumbnail sketches, playing with composition and point of view, then a full-sized pencil sketch, which I later inked over with a sable hair brush. The final drawing was scanned into the computer, where I added color, texture, and a sense of light to the piece. 


design process image
Bikes in The Blood

Bikes have been a part of my life in different forms for as long as I can remember. I grew up riding bikes on the dirt roads of rural Vermont and discovered urban riding as a university student in Savannah, Georgia. After college I was introduced to mountain biking and have been hooked ever since. Bikes are part of my lifeblood—I ride to go places, see things, and experience life on a daily basis.

design process image
Colors From Colors

One of my favorite aspects of screen printing is the way that layers of ink can be overlaid on top of each other. Transparent ink allows you to do more with less, creating additional colors with a limited number of screens. I designed this piece to take advantage of the way the translucent blue ink layers over the reddish orange to create a third earthy hue.