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Stay True

About this Poster

Most of my bike poster ideas come when I am on my bike – though that's when a lot of ideas hit me, probably because I tend to be on my bike a lot! I love to play around with words in my head and in conversation. At some point in my daily commute, the ideas of true colors and trued bike wheels came together. It's kind of a deep cut, but I love the double meaning.

18.0″ x 24.0
Neenah Paper, Classic Crest, Natural White
9-color screen print

Meet Laura Brown

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

My background is in printmaking, but I also work with books and textiles, and lately I have started making larger installations.

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Back Story

design process image
Ideas Taking Shape

I started by cutting shapes out of paper and playing with them. Getting the shape of each color right took many rounds of cutting out, taping shapes together, and adjusting. I cut the final version out of black paper, which I used as the stencil for my screen. For the words, I chose some wood type and printed my phrase on a piece of clear mylar, which became part of the stencil for the gray ink run.

design process image
A Hint of Sparkle

I make everything by hand, and work a lot of details out in the printing process. I mixed every single color by hand until they were just right. I also added a touch of metallic silver to the gray run, for just a hint of sparkle.

design process image
10 Years, No Cars

I love to ride my bike, in pretty much any context. I realized last year that I have been car-free for over a decade! Some of my best friendships have been formed on bicycles, and I love riding solo and letting my mind wander. And it is a true fact that a good, long ride can sure cure almost any bad day.